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Sand-Blasted Celtic Cross
We made this for a client as a birthday gift to her husband. Hearts and roses hold symbolic significance to the couple so we used those as the basis for the celtic knots. The design was born on paper, refined on the computer, printed full size (8'x4',) and finally applied as a mask. The cross itself was fabricated by hand from a large plank of clear redwood. When we sanded the plank, a silky, curling and chatoyant grain revealed itself to gasps of approval. We then sand-blasted it to raise both the grain and our custom celtic knot design. It now stands mounted on a hillside under the branches of a huge oak tree, visible from their back patio.



Writing Desk

Portable Writing Desk
I first made this writing desk for myself: I needed a convenient way to keep my designing tools on hand when I travelled between the house, shop, and beach. I had recently read a biography on Thomas Jefferson, and was inspired to learn that he had built himself a portable writing desk which he carried throughout his life. In fact, it was on this very desk that he wrote arguably the most exciting document in our nation's history, the Declaration of Independence. Alas, no history-changing documents have flowed from my pen thus far, but it has helped in the creation of a good number of the designs seen here.




Yoga Shell
This organic looking piece of woodwork is a yoga prop. We designed it in conjunction with a yoga instructor. It can help you achieve a number of excellent stretches by either laying over it, or standing on it and doing a forward bend. Check out this video with Yogi Tom Machado demonstrating its uses and benefits.



Her Desk

Sylvan Benches & "Her Desk"
This bench is one of a series of seven made for a Santa Cruz guitar shop that needed a spot for their customers and students to sit and play. Each bench has a unique pairing of woods that reflect the many combinations you'd find in a fine acoustic guitar shop. The initial inspiration for the design was Japanese, but grew to evoke California's rich history of old-school wooden surfboards and skateboards. The bold contrast of woods not only looks great from afar, but draws attention to the distinct beauty of each individual wood used to make the bench.

This elegant writing desk I call “Her Desk” continues the theme of contrasting laminations. Here we used Walnut, Maple, Paduk, and Hickory. We also added a flowing, feminine curve to the legs. The desk can roll around the house to provide a useful surface anywhere, and the open design underneath allows for maximum leg room.

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